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19. 10. 2017
Translation of the judgment in the case of Burmich and Others v. Ukraine
Nazar Kulchytskyy and Partners  Law Firm has prepared a translation of the decision in the case of Burmich and Others v. Ukraine.  A detailed analysis of the decision will be made later. Now we want to draw your attention to the most "bright" moments of this "saga". Thus, for the first time, the European Court drew the attention of the Government of Ukraine to the problem of non-enforcement of domestic courts decisions in 2001. Ukraine has...
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07. 07. 2017
What to Do During a Search? Top 20 Advices of Lawyers
The law enforcement officers arrived to carry out a search. Keep calm and balanced. Try to treat the investigation activity as an ordinary matter. It is necessary for making informed and effective decisions and preventing emotional errors. Ask the officials to say their names, positions and show their official identity documents. Record these data (write down on a sheet of paper). Make sure that the names of the officials, who are going to...
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05. 05. 2017
Enforcement agencies are trying to hype the anti-corruption topic. As a result, cases are falling apart
Effectiveness of the fight against corruption in Ukraine depends directly on the clear distribution of powers of the bodies that carry out this struggle. Legislative issues are resolved, but in practice the fight against corruption in Ukraine is carried out by everyone: the police, the Security Service (SBU), the Prosecutor General’s Office, the National Anti-Corruption Bureau (NABU) and the Specialized Anti-Corruption Prosecutor’s Office...
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27. 03. 2017
State vs. citizen: proposed amendments to the law
The issue of the potential loss of citizenship in case of adoption of the draft law of the President of Ukraine Poroshenko No. 6175 of 13 March 2017 “On Amendments to the Law of Ukraine” On Citizenship of Ukraine “(hereinafter – the Law) still remains topical. The bill is aimed at “good intentions” for the fight against dual citizenship of public servants. However, it is essentially aimed at all citizens of Ukraine. The...
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20. 02. 2017
Case of Kulykov and 17 Others v. Ukraine: Waiting for Reinstatement or New Litigation in the European Court
On 19 January 2017 the European Court delivered judgment against Ukraine in the Case of Kulikov and 17 Others v. Ukraine (application no. 5114/09), in which the Court found that dismissal of 18 judges in the period from 2008 to 2013 was carried out in violation of the rights guaranteed by the Convention. There was no doubt that the dismissal of 18 judges was conducted in violation of the Convention. The only intrigue was whether the Court...
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